Map of Neo-Antique Sites

Mapping allows us to understand just how present neo-antique architecture (that appropriated ancient architecture and architectural forms) is in New York City. Based on  Landmarks Commissions records (and digital maps) and on additional research, this map attempts to document and locate neo-antique buildings in space in all five of New York’s boroughs. To date, with the assistance and skills of Vivian Chen (Macaulay Honors College / Hunter College), I have mapped 240 buildings that use ancient forms in their design, architecture, and conception. I will continue to add new buildings as I discover them, so one should look at this map as one that is evolving (and  hopefully worth consulting again and again). We have add in images where available. If you find an URL that’s missing or not working well, please let us know!

You can also view the  map at, where you can blow up the map on a larger scale.